Top 10 Tips for New Car Washer Machines


Prepare the Vehicle for Washing

Before you start washing a vehicle, it’s important to go through the appropriate steps in order to ensure that the car is properly prepped. This includes cleaning the wheels and tires, vacuuming the interior of the vehicle, and checking for any potential damage or leaking fluids. If there are any problems with the exterior of the car, take note of these before beginning washing.


Choose the Right Soap and Cleaning Products

Choosing the right soap and cleaning products is key to getting a good result. Make sure to use only high-quality car care products, specifically made for auto detailing. Look out for soaps that are mild, pH neutral and won’t strip wax off the paintwork. Between washes, it's important to apply polishes and sealants in order to maintain a gloss finish on your car for a long time.


Use a Foam Gun or Brush to Pre-clean Dirt and Grime Away

Using a foam gun or brush to pre-clean dirt and grime away before hitting it with the pressure washer will help you reduce your time spent on cleaning each car. Use the foam gun liberally on tough spots such as wheels, fender flares and other hard-to-reach areas for maximum effect. This can also be used on painted surfaces to remove dust, road grime, bird droppings and bug splatter.


Wash and Rinse Areas One Section at a Time in Top-Down Order

Use a top-down approach when washing and rinsing the car’s exterior. Start at the roof and gradually move down, making sure to rinse the dirt off in each area before continuing to the next section. This method helps avoid cross-contamination of dirt from one cleaned area to another. Wash with a soapy solution from TOA and finish up by using an air or water pressure washer for effective dirt removal. Additionally, make sure that you use two buckets for your washing - one containing just clean water and soap, whilst another bucket is dedicated just for rinsing mitts after cleaning each panel.