About KKE Autocare

KKE Autocare is a brand of KKE Chemicals. We have the best Automobile Care Products for all vehicles.

  • Two Wheelers
  • Cars
  • Trucks / Buses
  • Trains
  • Mining Trucks

Our range is bifurcated into 2 major categories :

  • Do It Yourself 
  • Professional Car Care Products

We also make chemicals for Automatic Vehicle Wash Systems.


KKE Autocare & Environment

Environmental sustainability is another factor for which KKE is deeply concerned. For this reason, all the chemicals manufactured by KKE are Eco-friendly and Biodegradable.


Carbon Emissions - Transportation

Today, the transportation industry is a significant source of Carbon Emissions which pollutes the environment while also increasing the cost of the product. We at KKE, try to make our products as concentrated as they are possible so that what you get is the most concentrated form of a product while paying very less for transportation. Sometimes, since you are getting the active material only, the price of the product may seem higher, but when you actually dilute or use it, you use a significantly less quantity. 


Carbon Footprint - Packaging Material 

Each product is packed and whether you like it or not there are not many options to package liquids. Making concentrates help in reducing the amount of packaging material used to ship it to you, thereby significantly reducing the plastic usage. Plastics are not biodegradable, meaning they do not break down naturally like organic material does. This means that plastics will remain in the environment for many years, potentially hundreds or even thousands of years, until they are broken down by physical or chemical processes.