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KKE Autocare has the best Water Based Car Air Fresheners which are soothing in the closed environment of your car from the Mountain Air Family.  

KKE Autocare fragrances give a fresh feeling and remove unwanted odours from your car. The Car Air Fresheners come in a 200 ml bottle which lasts very long only one squirt is sufficient for keeping the fragrance for quite a long time. When you sit in your car for a very long time, the car starts smelling your sweat or something you might have eaten just a while back. You would not be able to understand that smell, but when someone from outside enters the car, she/he might be able to catch that smell. So it is always a good idea to have one spray just before you pick up someone.

Fresh fragrance in your car helps in keeping the mood of the driver happy and also might keep him more alert as the mind will be more focused on the road than the bad smell.

KKE has all the type of fragrances. The best of all the things is that these car air fresheners are Water based and Biodegradable. 

When you use it, you would understand that the fragrance is mild and is long lasting.

  • Sandalwood Air Freshener
  • Lemon Grass Car Air Freshener
  • Jasmine Air Freshener for Cars
  • Bubble Gum Car Air Freshener
  • Lavender Car Air Fragrance
  • Lemon (Citrus) Air Freshener
  • Vanilla Car Air Freshener

What are you waiting for? Select One to try it yourself or you can select the Bundle to get all of them at discounted prices.