Brake Dust Remover
Brake Dust Remover
Brake Dust Remover
Brake Dust Remover
Brake Dust Remover
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Brake Dust Remover

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KKE Brake Dust Remover is an excellent product which turns purple when it detects Iron on the surface. The product is pH balanced and is safe to use on

  • Alloy Wheels,
  • Plastics and
  • Painted Surface.

Why Do I need to clean the Brake Dust from my Car?

Brake dust and road grime are minerals that come from the brakes pads of your and passing vehicles. The brake dust particles are Iron Oxide particles which is nothing but rust.  When these minuscule particles hit your car at a speed of 100 km/hr, they enter your car paint and start rusting. This dulls your car paint finish.

You can see below how this car has iron deposits all over the car which was dulling the finish of the car.


Iron Dust on Car Paint detected by KKE Brake Dust Remover
These spots were invisible to human eye.

How to Remove Iron Contamination from The Alloy Wheels?

  1. If you Alloy Wheels are very dirty, you can remove wheel from the car. In normal cases, you can let the wheel remain.
  2. Spray KKE Brake Dust Remover. Spray from all four sides, Top, Bottom, Left and Right. The Spokes of the alloy wheels cause shadowing.
  3. Let it remain for a minute. The color of the liquid will start changing to Purple. The purple color shows the presence of Iron in that area. Do not let the product dry.
  4. Rinse off using a High Pressure or Garden Hose.


The iron contents on wheel give a dull look to your alloy wheels while the iron contamination can seriously affect your car's paint life. The iron deposits remain on the car paint damaging the nearby paint. Brake dust from your own car or the other vehicles on the road gets deposited on your car surface. These deposits should be removed as frequently as possible. KKE Brake Dust Remover detects the Iron contamination and helps you focus on it. Your car is going to love you.

Directions for Wheel Cleaning

Apply the product on the wheel

Apply Fall remover on the wheel rims

Allow the chemical to react with the dirt and contamination.

Notice the wheel changing its color to purple.


Optionally use a brush to clean the wheel

Clean it with high pressure to remove the loose Iron deposits



Directions for Removal of Paint Contamination

  1. Apply the product on the painted surface
  2. Allow the chemical to react with the dirt and contamination.
  3. The sprayed area will change color if Iron is found
  4. Clean it with high pressure to remove the loose Iron deposits


Dilution: Ready to use.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. My car does not have Alloy Wheels, Can i still use it?

Answer : Yes, of course. Most of the cars have disc brakes which release the iron particles which dull the wheel area and damage the paint behind it. Also, the bonnet/hood of the car is also affected by the Brake dust of other cars. KKE BDR is an Iron Contamination Remover and can be used where ever you suspect might be affected by Iron deposits.

2. My Car is of White colour, will it damage my car paint?

Answer : Absolutely not. KKE Brake Dust remover is a safe product and can be used on white cars as well. In fact, white cars are affected the most by the brake dust of the other cars. You'll specially be able to see this on the hood and the area behind the wheels.

3. How does the product work?

Answer : The product is a combination of various components, which react with Iron Oxide, which is nothing but rust. The product which is transparent in colour turns into purple colour when it reacts with Brake Dust. Since this product reacts with Iron Fallout and not merely washing it superficially, it removes the iron deposits which are even impregnated into the paint.

4. How do the Iron particles get into the Paint of my car?

Answer : When you are driving on the road, the brake dust of the other cars is also suspended in the air as dust if the particles are small. If you are moving at 90 km/hr, and the air is stationary, these particles which are in the air hit your car at the speed of 90 km/hr. At this speed, these small particles puncture the paint surface and remain there. Later, these particles form more rust and affect the paint finish of your car.

5. What will happen if I allow the Iron particles to remain in the Paint?

Answer : If the Iron particles remain in the Car paint, they would deteriorate the paint finish over time as they would oxidize when they come in contact with the elements. Especially on the lighter colour cars, you can make out with naked eyes when the paint finish goes dull. By using KKE Brake Dust Remover regularly, you can increase the life of your car paint and take Proper Care of your car.

6. How long do I have to leave on the Paint / Wheels?

Answer : Spray KKE BDR on the surface, wait for the iron particles to change the colour. Wait for about a minute and then wash it off. Do not allow the product to dry.

7. What will happen if the product dries on the car?

Answer : The product is absolutely safe, in fact it is PH 7 which is as neutral as water. If the KKE BDR dries on the car, it will stop reacting to anything. For this reason, most of the car care products are advised to be used in shade on a cool car, else the product gets wasted.

8. How much KKE Brake Dust Remover is to be used?

Answer : This depends upon the size of the wheel or the area you are cleaning. Typically you should get the area wet. Not allowing the product to flow as you would be wasting the product. Just enough to wet the area. Spray on the sides to enter deep into the sidewalls of the alloy wheels.

9. Do I need to remove the Wheel for proper cleaning?

Answer : If you have been regularly cleaning the wheel, then-No. For deep cleaning and if you are particular about the complete cleaning of the wheel, you might want to remove the wheel and clean the inside and rear areas of your wheel.