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  • Brand: KKE Autocare

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KKE Master Wipe


KKE All-purpose Cleaner is a great interior, and exterior, organic solvent cleaner. This safe, the environmentally friendly product contains citrus oil to help remove the toughest stains, bumper stickers, grease, tar, gum, tree saps, and foul odours. It has powerful cleaning, rinsing, and degreasing abilities

How to Dilute KKE Master Wipe All-Purpose Cleaner :

  1. Take 500ml water in a spray bottle.
  2. Add 50 ml KKE Master Wipe in it ( 1: 10 for Normal Strength)
  3. Shake Well and your All-Purpose Cleaner is ready.

For full strength, use Master Wipe All Purpose Cleaner in 1 : 4 concentration. i.e. 1 Part Master Wipe and 4 parts water.