Drubber- Tire And Dashboard Shiner | Non Oily | Long Lasting | Pleasant Smelling

  • Brand: KKE Autocare

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  • RICH LOOK : KKE Drubber gives rich look to your Car tyres, Dashboard and Bumpers.
  • NON OILY : The product is specially formulated to be Non Oily and does not leave oily feel on the Dashboard.
  • PLEASANT fragrance adds to your Car Interiors and uplifts your MOOD and makes you LOVE your car even more.
  • EASY to use product. Just spray and lightly wipe. The Results last upto almost 7 days in normal conditions.
  • GLOSSY - MATT - Choose between the gloss levels based on the application procedure. Even glossy finish is not oily. DUST FREE - Since the product is not oil based, it does not attract dirt.

KKE Drubber- Tire And Dashboard Shiner