Silicone Free Waterless Car Wash Concentrate (KE4600)
Silicone Free Waterless Car Wash Concentrate (KE4600)
Silicone Free Waterless Car Wash Concentrate (KE4600)
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Silicone Free Waterless Car Wash Concentrate (KE4600)

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Silicone Free Waterlines Car Wash Concentrate is Silicon Free Water-less liquid which needs to be diluted 100 times to make Ready to Use product.

Water-less Car Wash Saves water and helps you conserve Nature. KE4600 is a Biodegradable product and does harm the environment.

  • Saves Water
  • Leaves a nice smooth finish
  • No Oily marks on the car surface
  • Biodegradable and Eco Friendly
  • 0% Silicon - Silicone Free


The KE4600 is a concentrate and needs to diluted before use. The product easily mixes with water and creates whitish liquid which needs to be sprayed on the car.

  • Take __ ml of KE4600 and dilute it in a 750 ml spray bottle.
  • Spray the liquid over the vehicle and wipe it off using a cleaning microfiber towel
  • Buff off the excess using a dry microfiber towel to get a Super Glossy Wax finish car surface.

Dot not use it on Glass as it may leave smears on the glass and Windshield. Use KKE Glass Cleaner for cleaning Windshield and Window Glass.

KE4600 Silicone Free Waterless Liquid works on the principle of surface tension. The liquid lifts the dirt and creates lubricating layer which helps the removal of dirt easier. The dirt gets lifted from the paint surface and then it can be easily wiped off from the car paint surface.

Silicone Free

Though not many people in the industry know, using Silicone based products regularly may harm your car paint. Since this product does not contain Silicone in it, it does not harm the paint finish. Silicone causes Drifting which results in reduction in Gloss and Problems in repainting of the part.


KE4600 Water less Wash and Wax liquid is certified Biodegradable and does not harm the environment. One the very important factor in choosing a product. You might be saving water but then if your product when washed down by rain, damages the environment, it does not make sense, right? That is the very reason we at KKE formulated this product KE4600 which has ingredients which are not harmful to the environment and are Eco friendly.

Cost Effectiveness

KE4600 is a concentrated liquid and needs to be diluted before use. In fact one liter of KE4600 make 100 liters of ready to use Waterless Car Wash Liquid. from our experience, one car requires about 750 ml to 1 liter depending upon the size of the car and the level of dirtiness. If you calculate likewise, you will come to understand the cost per car is very less, even lesser than the shampoo cost usage in Manual Hand Car Wash.


Frequently Asked Questions  (FAQ)

1. Do you Supply a spray bottle along with the Waterless Car Wash Concentrate?

Answer : Yes, we send a 750 ml empty bottle along with the concentrate. You can dilute it as per ratio and use it to clean your car.

2. How Many Microfiber Towels will I need to clean my car?

Answer : Number of microfiber towels required for waterless car wash depend upon:
  • Size of the car
  • How dirty the car is

Waterless CarWash Bonnet Procedure

During waterless car wash, the car needs to be cleaned in sections so that the unclean towels are discarded for washing and only clean towels are used for cleaning the car. A normal sedan would have 9 sections :

  • Roof
  • Bonnet / Hood
  • Left Doors ( Upper Portion)
  • Left Doors (Bottom Portion)
  • Right Doors ( Upper Portion)
  • Right Door (Bottom Portion)
  • Rear
  • Front Bumper
  • Rear Bumper

Though there are no set of rules about how many towels to be used per car, but one needs to use their judgement. If the towel looks dirty, you don't use it.

Apart from the above towels, you would need one nice clean and dry towel to give a buffing finish.

3. Why "Silicone Free" Waterless Car Wash is preferable?

Answer : Silicone is known to reduce in adhesion of the paint with the substrate which the car body. The silicone is able to move to the bottom most layer of the car paint and stick to the metal body. This causes a long term reduction in paint finish and also causes problems in the repainting as the new paint does not stick to the body in case of denting and painting. These are some of the reasons why Car Manufacturers do not approve products with Silicone.

KKE KE4600 does not contain any Silicone and is safe for your car paint. It is also a concentrate which makes it easy for your pocket.

4. Which Detergent should I use to clean my Microfiber Towels?

Answer : You use a lot of towels for water-less car wash and you need to clean them them properly for the next use. The towels need to remain soft for the next use. Use KKE Linen Clean which has fabric softeners which keep the towel soft even after drying.

5. Is KE4600 Waterless Car Wash Easy to use?

Answer: Absolutely, you just need to spray the diluted product and wipe it off. Use another dry towel to buff off the clean car surface to get a clean car and excellent shine.