Drubber - Tyre Polish - Long Lasting
Premium Tire and Dashboard Polish
Drubber - Tyre and Dashboard Polish
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Drubber - Tyre and Dashboard Polish

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  1. Water based
  2. Non Oily Formula 
  3. Does not attract dirt
  4. No obnoxious fumes inside your car
  5. Glossy or Matt finish, the way you want it.

Formula This water based dressing has silicone and is made of the highest grade ingredients that are blended into a super micro emulsion that spreads easily onto your tires and lasts the longest. This water based tire dressing should be in every car care enthusiast’s garage, any one who enjoys working on their car will love enhancing their expensive paint job and custom car modifications with some nice looking tires.


Dilution: Ready to use.

Tire Polishing

  1. Clean the tires before applying KKE Drubber. Use KKE Masterwipe to clean the tyres. Cleaner tyres absorb the Tyre polish better and helps it remain on the tyre for much longer.
  2. Once your tyre are clean. Spray KKE Drubber directly on the tyre or on your applicator.
  3. Spread the tyre polish using an applicator on the entire tyre.
  4. Allow it to Dry for sometime.



How to get Glossy Tires?

Achieving glossy tires with KKE Drubber is very easy. Follow the same procedure as given above , but use KKE Drubber lavishly. Do not rub the tyre much after application and allow it to dry.

You will get a Glossy finish on your Tires.


How to get Matt finish on the Tyres?

While doing the above procedure, if you rub the tires while the Tire polish is drying, you'll get a Matt finish on your tyres.



 Dashboard Polishing


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Can the same product be used as Dashboard Polish and Tyre Polish?

Answer : Yes, KKE Drubber Polish can be used for both Tyres and Dashboard.  This product does not leave oily residue as it is water based and is ideal as a Dashboard Polish. A Mild strawberry fragrance gives a fresh feel inside the car without being too overwhelming. KKE Drubber also is a very good Tyre polish as it can give a Shiny or Matt tyre look based on your choice and liking.

2. How can I get a Glossy look on my Tyres?

Answer :  Clean your Tyres with KKE All Purpose Cleaner , wash them down and then wait for the tyres to dry completely. Once the tyres dry up they'll start looking dark gray in colour. Allowing the Tyres to dry is very important as if it is not followed, you might get patches on the tyres.

Now, spray KKE Drubber lavishly directly on the tyre. The bottle should be at an angle so that the liquid gets into the grooves of the tyres. Lightly spread the liquid and allow it to dry for some time. Once it dries up, you'll get a glossy look on the tyres.

The best part of KKE Drubber is that it does not attract mud like other products in the market as KKE Drubber is a water-less product.

3. How can I get a Matt finish on my Tyres?

Answer : Follow the procedure to clean your tyres using KKE APC or KKE Master Wipe and allow your tyre to dry completely. Now, instead of spraying KKE Drubber on the tyre directly, spray it on the applicator or a microfiber towel and gently apply on the tyres. Use enough to cover the entire tyre. 

Matt Finish Tyre Polish - KKE Drubber

Once KKE Drubber dries up, which will happen very quickly, you should get a matt finish on your tyres. Repeat if you want more black finish.

4. Can I make my Old Car Dashboard look as New with this polish?

 Answer : KKE Drubber has special darkening agents which increase the depth of the item it is applied on. KKE Drubber is a water based product and does not emit any oil fumes inside the car. Also the product does not leave any oily film which causes the dirt to stick to it. Though it is recommended not to apply on the Steering wheel.



5. I had applied another polish which was too shiny. How can I remove the polish and apply KKE Drubber?

Answer : Use KKE APC or diluted KKE Master Wipe to remove the earlier polish from the Dashboard. Clean the dashboard for any dust or dirt before KKE Drubber application.

Once the dashboard is entirely clean, spray KKE Drubber on a clean microfiber and gently massage the entire Dashboard with the towel. You wouldn't help noticing the instance depth which your dashboard would get.

Non Oily Dashboard Polish

Let it remain for sometime till it dries. Give a quick light wipe if you find any patches to have an even finish.

 6. Is KKE Drubber Polish pH Balanced?

Answer : Yes , KKE Drubber is a water based product and is pH Balanced. The pH of the polish is 7.



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