Complete Guide to Car Detailing India

“There is no magic in magic, it's all in the details.”

A popular quote by Walt Disney clearly explains the essence of detailing. Paying attention to detail is all about thoroughness and surpassing perfection in accomplishing a specific task while keeping in mind even the smallest areas involved. This thoroughness helps complete the task with a high level of quality assurance and efficiency. And the same holds true when it comes to car detailing, going deeper into the depths of car washing and car cleaning to give a magical sparkle and feel to your car. 


What is Car Detailing?

 What is car detailing service is often a question of concern for many car lovers. For many, it is similar to car washing, and for many, it is just an insignificant part of car cleaning. However, the truth reveals that it is much more than you can imagine. 

If you go by definition, car detailing is detailed cleaning of your car, cleaning from top to bottom, including the smallest areas and often ignored sections of your car using various car detailing products, tools, and techniques. Moreover, if you go deeper into the meaning and concept, it is an artistic process of giving cosmetic touch-ups and providing a complete spa to your car to revive the original, fresh, and sparkling look of your car. In short, a process that makes your car look as good as new even after several years of use. 


What is the Difference between Car Detailing and Car Washing?

Considering the majority of car enthusiasts, they are often found arrested with a lack of understanding to differentiate car washing and car detailing. The simple difference is an average looking car through washing and a great looking car through detailing. It's all about going deeper into every detail of car paint, cleaning of car upholstery, and wheel cleaning. 

To make it simpler, let us consider washing a car with a car shampoo like KKE Car Wash. This is known as car washing. However, when we go ahead with giving the final finish, like applying the car wax like KKE Plus Carnauba Wax to give a fresh wet look to the painted surface, it is car detailing. Going on similar lines, cleaning the car fabric and upholstery using an automotive fabric cleaner like KKE Fabric Clean is washing and applying a leather conditioner like KKE Leather Shine to beautify the leather interior of your car is detailing. 

Similarly, the car care products like KKE Express Wax to remove buffer marks and residues from the clean painted surface, KKE Plus Gloss to get the hologram and marring the free finish, and KKE Drubber to enhance the feel and look of your tires and dashboard play important roles when it comes to car detailing. To be precise, art and understanding of using the right product to finish and protect every car surface explain how to do car detailing.


What Does Car Detailing Include?

Now, let us get into understanding what does car detailing include. It includes complete cleaning and nourishment of both the exterior and interior.


Exterior Car Detailing: 

The process involves detailed cleaning of your car exterior using special car care products:


  • Spray and wipe solution like the KKE Spray & Wipe waterless wash to get an instant gloss similar to showroom shine.
  • Clay bar to remove contaminants and give a smoother look after the car washing process.
  • Car polish like KKE Plus Schnell to buff abrasives onto the car paint and remove all scratches and swirls.
  • Car wax like KKE Plus Nano Sealant to give your car a brilliant shine and durable shine while adding a protective layer to the car paint.
  • Glass cleaner like KKE Glasso gives a clean and smooth look to the glass, mirrors, and headlights.


Interior Car Detailing:

Now, getting to understand how to do car interior cleaning, there are many car cleaning techniques and products that add to ease interior detailing.


  • Vacuuming the car seats, carpets, mats, and trunk to remove debris and loose dirt.
  • Scrubbing and brushing to remove all stains from carpets and mats.
  • Leather trimming and finish to clean, protect, and beautify the leather interior.
  • Cleaning and giving a glossy finish to the car dashboard.
  • Car perfuming into the interior to leave the car with a fresh, refreshing, and clean smell.


Additional Detailing: 

Additional car detailing includes cleaning of the engine by removing the top layer of dust and grit and then dressing the same with a protective layer of coating to keep the engine smooth, protective, and efficient for long.


Step by Step Guide to Car Detailing

Now, considering a step-by-step guide to car detailing, let’s look at the steps below to have a long-lasting, durable shine and feel of your car:

Step 1: Thorough inspection of the car, carefully watching for damages, dents, and cracks.

Step 2: Vacuuming the interior of the car, including the car seats, dashboard, trunk area, and carpet.

Step 3: Look for places requiring more attention to detail like tough to remove stains, hard dirt on the gear stick, and scratches on the dashboard using an all-purpose car cleaner like KKE Master Wipe.

Step 4: Step ahead for interior car cleaning in a thoughtful sequence starting from the dashboard, steering wheel, and music system. Once that is over, you can switch over to gear stick, cup holders, hand breaks, and AC vents. After that, get into knowing how to clean car seats, starting from front seats and eventually cleaning the rear seats. The sequence should be front seat, rear portion of the front seat, rear seat headrests, rear seat armrest, rear AC vents, rear door handles, and at the end rear seats.

Step 5: Now, step out from the interior and go for exterior car cleaning in three sections using a microfiber towel. You should start the cleaning process from the roof of your car coming down till the windows, then from windows to the bottom ridge, and at last the ridge to the bottom of your car.

Step 6: The next step is to have the finishing touches using special car care products. This will help to give a brilliant and long-lasting shine to your car.

Step 7: The final stage is the glitter step, where you can use different types of car polish like dashboard polish, leather polish, and car polish along with spraying a little quantity of car perfume to give a good fragrance to the car interior. This, in turn, gives a good car experience. 


Why is Car Detailing Important?

With so much understanding and awareness of car detailing, it is of utmost importance to know the benefits of car detailing. Whether you want to know how to run a car detailing business or want to detail your car with love and passion, it is very important to learn why detailing plays such an integral role in the automotive industry. 


Here are some of the important benefits of car detailing:

  • Extended Life: With a little bit of consideration of car detailing at regular intervals, you tend to extend the life of your car.
  • Financial Gains: With regular detailing, you are more likely to save on the maintenance cost and protect your car from regular breakdowns.
  • Cleaner & Smoother Engine: Detailing helps you clean, protect, and maintain your car engine for a long. Hence, allowing your engine to stay protected from unexpected damage and stay smooth in the long run. 
  • Enhanced Value: Detailing is directly proportional to the value of your car, both aesthetic value and resale value. This helps give your call a fresh, new, and sparkling look whenever you plan to sell off your car.



Are you a car enthusiast? Are you looking for the right measures to keep your car looking new and running smoothly? Then regular and timely car detailing is an obvious solution. However, with this guide, you need not search for car detailing near me because this gives you a complete understanding of detailing your car yourself. This guide can also prove beneficial in helping you venture into the automotive ecosystem if you want to know how to start car detailing business. 


FAQs on Car Detailing

Ques 1: Why should I go detailing my car?

Ans 1: Car wash is basic washing and cleaning of your car but with car detailing, you will be able to protect your car from various unnoticed and unexpected damages. It also helps to keep your car shining and run efficiently for longer.


Ques 2: How long will I take to detail my car?

Ans 2: If you love your car and do detailing at regular and timely intervals, you should be able to detail your car in about two to three hours. 


Ques 3: How often should I do car detailing of my car?

Ans 3: A full car detailing once or twice a year with all types of cosmetic touch-ups suffice your need for keeping your car sparkling and new.


Ques 4: What car care products you need to do car detailing?

Ans 4: For complete car detailing, the key products you will need are car spray, car wax, car polish, leather polish, wheel cleaners, glass cleaners, microfiber towel, and scrubber.


Ques 5: Why should I use car wax?

Ans 5: Car wax is an astounding way to enhance the aesthetic beauty of your car as it helps improve the shine of your paint while clearing off all watermarks, smears, bugs, and grime. 


Ques 6: Why should I need a car polish?

Ans 6: Car polish can serve as a protective layer for your car paint. It helps remove all sorts of abrasive from your car paint while refining the surface with smoothness and a brilliant shine.


Ques 7: How can I clean the leather surfaces of my car?

Ans 7: For detailing your leather surfaces, there are special products like leather shine and leather cleaning products that serve to clean all types of leather surfaces in your car interior and add the required shine to the surfaces.


Ques 8: Is perfuming or deodorizing my car a part of car detailing?

Ans 8: Yes, using a little car perfume is certainly an important part of your car detailing process. Imagine a shining and sparkling car, but how will you feel if the interior is sinking the moment you step in? Hence, the interior should also be smelling fresh and captivating when it comes to complete car detailing.


Ques 9: What is the most appropriate place to detail my car?

Ans 10: You can detail your car anywhere you feel like and anywhere where you get ample space to perform all the detailing process. However, the only thing to keep in mind is avoiding a place where your car is exposed to direct sunlight. Exposure to direct sunlight makes the process tedious and difficult.


Ques 10: Why should I go for detailing instead of car washing?

Ans 10: Car washing is certainly an important aspect of caring for your car, but it will not help you restore or regain your car's original look and feel. However, car detailing is a process that preserves your car's originality while helping you keep your car running smoothly for a longer duration and enhancing the freshness and aesthetic value of your car.

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