KKE Plus Heavy Cut
KKE Plus Heavy Cut
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KKE Plus Heavy Cut

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KKE Heavy Cut is an excellent cutting compound. Can be used with foam as well as a wool pad which is moist. Take 4 bean size Heavy Cut compound on your pad and spread it on the area to be cut. Work in sections, preferably in 2’ x 2’ . Use Snake pattern with overlapping passes with medium pressure on the pad. To prevent holograms and burning the paint, keep the pad moving at approximately 6-9” per second and do not buff dry. Remove polish residue with a clean microfiber towel. Repeat if necessary. To inspect work, use a Spray And Wipe and a clean dry microfiber polishing towel.


Car Paint Cutting Compound



Step 1:- Identify Scratches in the area that needs to be worked.

Step 2:- Take KKE Heavy Cut, KKE Foam pad and Buffing Machine.

Step 3:- Apply Heavy Cut Paste on Foam Pad and Rub on defined Area.

Step 4:- Then Start the Buffing Process Slowly and Increase the Speed Gradually.

Step 5:- Clean the Work Area by KKE Microfiber Towel.




  • Shake well before each use
  • Always do a test section before using for the first time
  • Work on a 2X2 ft. area at a time


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to get Cutting Compound off your car ?

KKE  Heavy Cut is easy to apply and easy to remove. The product is water-based and comes off easily.  In fact, this product is also dust-free and requires very minimal cleaning after your job is done.

KKE products are used in dust controlled environments like car manufacturing paint shops where even a minute of dust can cause imperfections in the Car paints.

2. Which is the best cutting compound for car paint?

 KKE Heavy Cut is the best cutting compound for car paints, especially when you are looking to polish a painted surface that has been sanded off using a 1000 or above grit sandpaper.  Wipe off the sanding dust from the car painted surface and use KKE heavy cut with snake motion and you should be all set in a jiffy.

3. Which is the best cutting compound for black cars?

Black cars are the most rewarding when you have the right tools and compounds for polishing the cars. KKE Heavy Cut works well with Dark and black coloured cars.

KKE Plus series is a professional-level product and requires very little product to get effective results.