5 Most Important Car Care Tips

So, Summers are right here. The temperature is indeed soaring height and all we can really hope for is a good and advance monsoon. But thinking about monsoon is all about future, what about the present you are living in.

Are you ready for the summers? Well, you might be but is your car ready for it? There are more chances of you experiencing some or other issues during the summers than any other season. Courtesy- heat.

In order to assist you in some precautionary measures, here is a list of 5 tips which will aid in protecting your car this summer,

1. Battery

The problem- summers bring in not the best experience for the battery of your car. Basically the summer heat causes the batteries of a car to overcharge which in turn reduces the tenure of a battery. There is also the issue of evaporation of internal battery fluid by the heat of the sun due to the summer season.

The solution- Keeping the battery clean will be the best solution. Make sure to remove any sort of dust whether near the base or the terminals. Also, do keep a check on any cracks or loose wire which, if left otherwise might drain the battery.

2. Tyres

The problem -  Due to the excessive heat of summers and the tyres being in direct contact with the bare road embellished with coal tar, rocks and even water, more wear and tear is expected. The tyres have more tendencies to blow or loosen grip due to the heat of summers.

The solution- Do not under-inflate the tyre and at the same time do not over inflate it. Do change your tyre after every 5 years or if your car has covered a distance of more than 50,000 km. 

Tip- Use a coin of Rs. 5 in order to check the depth of the tyre treads. If the depth is same in each tyre that you need not be perturbed about anything. But, if there is a difference in the depth of the tread there is a huge possibility that tyre is being deteriorated at that point and you need to get it checked. In order to clean and polish the tyres use KKE Drubber - Tire and Dashboard Shiner for best results.

3. Servicing

The problem- The heat is definitely not a best friend to your car and a lot of issues arise due to this, associated with fluid level, radiator, hoses, belts, coolant to name a few.
The solution- A pre summer car service will do good for your car in fact, benefit it well. Thus, make it a rule or a custom to get your car well serviced before summer arrives.


The problem- A stench like smell attributed to the leather of the car. And there is the heating up of the cabin.

The solution- Do take care of the cleanliness of your car during the summers. For the leather upholstery of your car it is advisable to clean it with an agent which is both conditioning and protecting it, like the KKE Leather Protect protectant.

Leather Polish

The same is applicable to floor mats for which you can use KKE Car Wash Shampoo along with the KKE Microfiber Towel for best results. In order to protect the dashboard you can use the KKE Drubber which is non oily too. It is also recommended to purchase a good quality sunshade to protect the car cabin from excessive heat.

5. Exteriors

The problem- The paint starting to look old and the car losing its shine. A nightmare!

The solution - Park the car in the shade. Make sure to put a car cover if you are leaving it for a longer period of time. Pursue the waxing of the car every 6 months. For those of you having new cars, it is best to get a Teflon coating done for longer periods of protections. Yet again, using products like KKE Dry Wash which is a waterless car wash will be of better aid for summers.

Tip- Similarly, make sure to use KKE Thick Wax for the waxing need of your car or the KKE Express Wax for a quick coating when you are on the go. Remember keeping the car well waxed is a reward you give to yourself. 

So, with the above 5 tips you are really sorted for the summers. Go ahead and enjoy flaunting your pride on 4 wheels!