Rain Repellant - Glass Treatment

  • Brand: KKE Autocare

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KKE Rain Repellent Glass Treatment builds a hydrophobic layer on the glass. This causes the glass to repel the glass. The water tries to be in minimum contact with the glass due to the hydrophobic nature. This makes the water into a water drop and it glides away from the glass.

This product improves visibility in rainfall and even during the dry season as does not allow the water remain on the glass to dry.


Steps to Windshield Treatment

  1. Clean your Windshield with KKE Glasso. If you still find the Windshield to be rough, use KKE Plus Heavy Cut or KKE Plus 3 in 1 to remove the dirt from the windshield. Ensure that the glass is super smooth before you apply the Rain Repellent Treatment
  2. Apply the KKE Rain Repellent Treatment to the glass. Gently massage it on the glass using a circular motion. Do not overdo it as it will remove the coating from the windshield.
  3. Allow it to cure for about 15 - 20 minutes. It might look like it is drying, but that's okay.
  4. Using a Clean Dry Microfiber, gently remove the excess. Do not apply to too much pressure. The pressure should be just enough so that the hazes gets removed.
  5. The coating remains for about a couple of weeks. Repeat when you feel that the effect has reduced.

This bottle of 200 ml / 6.76 oz should last for about 15 to 20 applications.

Rain Repellent Glass Treatment