(Monsoon Bundle) 2 x Glass Cleaner and 1 x APC Bundle

(Monsoon Bundle) 2 x Glass Cleaner and 1 x APC Bundle

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Is you vision blurred? Worried about changing your specs?

Probably it might be your Windshield. The windshield attracts more moisture if not clean. This kit helps you keep Windshield and Windows clean, thus attracting much lesser fog from inside and increasing wiper efficiency from outside.

The kit consists of :

  • Glass Cleaner ( Anti Fogging Additives) - 2 Nos
  • All Purpose Cleaner - 1 No.

The KKE Ready to use Glass Cleaner has cleaning and anti fogging agents which help in keeping your windshield clear. With the amazing Ammonia Free formula, you can use it inside your car without any problem.

The All Purpose Cleaner has real Orange extracts which enhance the cleaning properties of the KKE APC. APC is great for hard stains on Plastic Parts, Metal Painted Surfaces, Fabric Seats. It is an excellent Stain remover and Degreaser.


Step by Step Procedure : Windshield Cleaning

Considering a Windshield with normal dirt levels of the city, follow the steps below :

  1. Rinse the Windshield and Windows from outside.
  2. Spray All Purpose Cleaner to remove Grease and hard Insect Spots on the Glass
  3. Do not let it dry.
  4. After about a minute, wipe the Glass ensuring all the insect spots have been removed.
  5. Now you should have 2 Clean Microfiber towels.
  6. Spray Glass Cleaner on the Glass , spread the liquid evenly using one towel and wipe the glass squicky clean using the other one.
  7. Repeat this process from inside too.