KKE Plus Thick Wax - Carnauba Paste Wax

KKE Plus Thick Wax - Carnauba Paste Wax

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KKE presents KKE Thick wax which is a paste wax made with Carnauba wax which is a natural wax from Brazilian tree. Carnauba wax is one of the Hardest and Toughest Natural wax known and gives a good protection to your car and a deep shine.

Carnauba Wax is known to give a very glossy finish on the car. The wax leaves coating on the car which repells dust and the water to certain extent. If the water is showing beading effects on the car, it means that the wax is working. Beading is - water should form droplets which the bottom part of the drop going inside the water droplets. This happens because the KKE Thick Wax coating repells water. KKE Thick Wax is a great way to protect your vehicle against the elements!

Effects of Carnauba Wax

Car Surfaces applied with KKE Thick Wax

  • Give Extreme Gloss finish
  • Exhibit Water Repellency Properties which causes beading of the water droplets falling on the car
  • Give Protection against the elements.
  • become easier to clean


Directions for Use

  • Apply a thin layer of KKE Thick Wax on the Car Surface (Should not be Warm/Hot). The layer should be as thin as possible otherwise it would become difficult to remove the excess wax when it dries.
  • Cover the entire vehicle with the wax.
  • Allow the first coat to Cure for at least 4 - 24 hours. More the curing period, the better it is.
  • Once you allow KKE Thick Wax to Cure for at least 8 hours, remove the excess from the car surface.
  • Do not wash the car for at least 1 day after KKE Thick Wax application. Do not park in Direct Sun.
  • Repeat this process for multiple coats. Applying multiple coats or layers of KKE Thick wax can add more protection, gloss and shine to the surface.

What's inside the Box ?


Open Carnauba KKE Thick Wax with Applicator Pad


Super Hard Carnauba Based Wax

This wax is a hard and it requires good amount of effort to do what is shown in the image below. Carnauba Wax is basically a very hard natural wax and gives a good amount of shine.

Thick Carnauba Wax Hardness


Water Beading Effect



Use of Thick Wax