KKE Plus 3 IN 1 - Cutting Polishing and Finishing Compound

KKE Plus 3 IN 1 - Cutting Polishing and Finishing Compound

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KKE 3 in 1 is an advanced Cutting, Polishing and Finishing compound. The product is extremely agile and responds to your buffing style. The product performs based on the type of Pad and Cutting Speed.

The product is also dust free and saves you from cleaning the car again and again.


How to Use?

Take 4 pea sized droplets of KKE 3 IN 1 Compound on the buffing pad. Spread the compound on the car body and then start your buffing machine to avoid splatter.

Work on small sections, preferably 2 x 2 '. Use gentle pressure and move the buffing machine at 6 - 9 inches per second. Do not buff the product dry. Follow a Snake like pattern as given below. Each pass to overlap 50% of the previous pass.

To inspect, use a clean micro fiber towel to buff off the excess product.

Cutting :

The product removes sanding marks as coarse as 1200 grit size. Use Cutting Foam pad or Lambs wool pad.

RPM : 1500 -1800

Polishing :

Use a Polishing pad 

RPM : 1200 - 1500

Finishing :

For finishing, use a clean finishing pad, free from dust. Move at 6 - 9 inches per sec to avoid holograms. Follow up with KKE+ Nano Sealant to enhance gloss.

RPM : 1000


Understanding Paint System

Understanding Paint System
Modern Paints consists of various layers shown above in the diagram. The most important layer concerning the gloss of your car is the Clear Coat Layer.


KKE 3 in 1 Paint Correction System