How to Clean a Car at Home?

Before knowing how to wash the car, it is probably more necessary to know the reasons to take the pain of washing a car. People who own a car certainly feel the need for cleaning it when it is dirty. But making the body of the car sparkle is necessarily not the only reason to invest your time in cleaning the car. No doubt a car loses its lustre when it has too much dirt on it. Even a new car may fail to render that new impression due to the dirt. And by cleaning, it will get back the shine. Hence cleaning helps to save its look and your money in the long run.

 Dirt and grime on the car window make the situation even worse. In fact, every year, many accidents happen due to a lack of visibility caused by dirty windows. By keeping the windows clean, you can stay safe and keep others on the road safe from accidents. If grime, dirt, and salt stay long on your car exterior, it can affect the paint and the metal in such a way that there will be no other option than replacement. These replacements will cost you much while bringing down the resale cost. There are simple yet effective ways to clean the car at home, helping you save some money in the long run. Car interiors also get affected by dirt and food particles, which give birth to bacteria within the interior. 

 A thorough cleaning process helps to get rid of the dirt and the bacteria keeping your family safe. Here is the answer for those who ask how to clean car at home. No wonder cleaning car at home will take time and effort. But with the right tools and procedures, you will get the results that are worth your time and effort. 


Exterior Cleaning

The exterior of a car does not only mean its metallic body but also the tires, and it is necessary to start with those. The car wheels are known to be the dirtiest part, and cleaning them first is logical. The dirt and mud from the tires won’t ruin the polish of the clean part if the wheels are cleaned first. Never forget to use a water jet to clean it. 

The two-buckets technique is the best and easy one for the tires. Before you soak the sponge in the shampoo water, make sure to dip it in the bucket of clean water first. This helps remove the muck from the mitts, which might end up scratching the surface if not cleaned properly. Once you end up cleaning with the sponges, use the water jet again to be finally done with the wheels.

Now that the dirtiest part is already done, it is time for the body part. A mild pressure water jet loosens all the dirt from the body and prepares it for the shampoo session. Finding a car washing solution online is an easy job, and the containers come with a detailed description of using the solution. 

After washing the car with just water, use a clean sponge to start shampooing the roof. Then come down to the hood, doors, and end up with the tail. Make sure to rinse the body thoroughly as soon as you are done with shampoo. Drying it will leave random watermarks on the body. Letting the car dry in the air is a bad option. Take a microfiber cloth and soak up the water so that there is no watermark on the car. Ensure you rub the body in a gentle way to make it ready for polish. When it comes to polish, one must exclude the glass. Polish the car portion by portion with another clean and dry microfiber cloth. 

The reason for avoiding polishing the window and any other glass part is that they need separate cleaning agents. People who have questions about how to clean car glass can find their answers in the online products. These easily available products remove stubborn bird droppings leaving the windows and glasses clean and shiny. Now that the windows are cleaned as well, one should move all the attention to the car's interior. 


Interior Cleaning

The frequency of cleaning the car interior depends on your frequency of using the car and the number of passengers who travel in your car. There is no need to be worried when you clean the car interior at home. With a few essential steps and tools, you can easily clean it yourself. Start with taking out all trash and debris from the interior along with the car seats. Possibly, the dirtiest part of a car interior is the floor mats. Take these out and use a vacuum or give a good shake to get rid of the dust and dirt. 


Use any drop cloth or tarp to place the mats, as placing these on the ground will do no good. Wash away all the soil with a hose from silicone, vinyl and rubber mats before using the mixture of warm water and washing solution. Use a brush to clean the mats before rinsing well. Clean the other parts of the interior while the mats get dry in the air. Carpeted mats can be machine washed. But one must check the label before doing so. 


To clean the windows and mirrors, you can choose any ammonia-free cleaner available in the market or make one at home with one-part white vinegar and one-part water. Microfiber cloths are a part of the answer to whoever asks how to clean car glass. Start with the top of the window and work downward, catching the drips. If the windows of your cars are tinted, choose suitable products. 


The cup holders in the centre console can get messy with food leftovers. Some cup holders are removable, and you can wash these with dishwashing liquid after removing them. A slightly damp clean microfiber cloth is good for controls and gearstick. Damp cotton swab and old toothbrushes are good for cleaning tight corners. Toothpicks are great options for reaching into the tiny crevices of the controls. Dust off the dashboard with a duster and use a cotton swab for spaces around knobs and vents. Microfiber cloth is perfect for removing any fingerprint or grime. Always use a disinfecting wipe for the gearshift knobs and steering wheel before drying with a microfiber cloth.


Use vacuum crevice tool for stitching and narrow joining of bottom and back of the seats for leather car seats. Wipe with commercial leather cleaner and use a leather conditioner for restoring shine and suppleness. You can use upholstery cleaner for cleaning cloth car seats. Make sure to treat the stained areas before using the upholstery cleaner. Use a paste of water and oxygen-based bleach for dye base stains and upholstery cleaner for regular stains. Once done, let the seats dry in the air. While cleaning the seats, focus on the seatbelts as well.


Clean the belts with upholstery cleaner and wipe the metal clasps with a damp microfiber cloth. Vacuum the floor of the car properly to get rid of all dirt and debris. A clean damp microfiber cloth is perfect for wiping the door panels. To tackle odour in your car, sprinkle dry baking soda on the carpet and the cloth seats. Vacuum it away after leaving it overnight in the car. 



Microfiber cloth happens to be one of the most important and frequently used tools for car washing. Ensure you have plenty of clean ones as using the same cloth or damp ones will create more problems than doing any favour. Use cool water for the car exterior as warm water may not agree with the car paint. Washing your car at home can be challenging and time-consuming, but it’s worth the effort as you will be much safer and happy with a clean car. A clean interior ensures a healthy environment for your family. Make good use of a holiday and go for the task with your family. Your shining fresh car will make you proud when you drive the family in it the next morning. 


At KKE Autocare, you can get anything and everything you aspire to buy for your car cleaning process. You can choose from the wide range of car care products available with us or opt to purchase a complete DIY car cleaning kit that includes all the essentials required for cleaning. You also have an option to customize your car cleaning kit and place an order with KKE Autocare.

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